Students & Parents’ Testimonies

I was taught secondary 3 and 4 chemistry by teacher Ruth for about a year. I was very lost in chemistry lessons, but after going for a few lessons, I was able to understand what was happening in class. She is adept and patient in unpacking tough chemistry concepts, and caters to her students learning pace and ability. She also places emphasis on helping her students to understand fundamental concepts before increasing the difficulty of work. Under her care, my chemistry improved from a C ( sec 3 EOY ) to consistent As in secondary 4, eventually attaining an A for the O level chemistry examinations.

Student, Sec 3-4 Chemistry

Ms Ruth helped me love chemistry, which i hated the most in sec 3. She was always patient with me and specifically followed alongside my school syllabus. A C6 to an A2 for Pure Chemistry wouldnt be possible without her help 💪🏻

Student, Sec 4 Pure Chemistry

We are extremely grateful to Teacher Ruth for bravely accepting the challenge of tutoring our son in Chemistry when the ‘O’ level exams were less than two months away and he was struggling with the subject. She engaged my son very well during the period as we found in him increased motivation and commitment towards the subject. He has achieved good ‘O’ level result for Chemistry that we are satisfied with. Teacher Ruth is passionate in teaching chemistry. We would highly recommend her.

Parent, Sec 4 Pure Chemistry

Teacher Ruth is a very patient and capable teacher who helped me improve quickly in math from F9 to B3 in less than a year. She is also a good teacher for chemistry, and I will definitely recommend her!

Student, Sec 4 Chemistry & Math

Ms Ruth was engaging and thorough with her teaching. She always made sure that I was able to understand and grasp concepts before moving on. I fully enjoyed all my lessons!

Student, Sec 4 Chemistry & Math

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